What is the acoustic world

What is the acoustic world

Since our founding in 2012, we have been earnestly working to create simple products centered on natural materials that return to nature, based on the concept of "Earth-friendly manufacturing". From the design to the core material and parts, by eliminating unnecessary things as much as possible and making it simple, it also leads to the weight reduction and durability of the bag, as well as the cost. We would appreciate it if you could get your hands on our products, which are particular about sustainability and are full of our thoughts on the global environment.

Commitment to leather

All the leather handled by acousticworld d uses "vegetable tanned leather". The main tanning techniques are vegetable tanning and chrome tanning. "Chromium" is a chemical called basic chromium sulfate, which causes the generation of dioxins. However, most leather products use "chrome tanning" because it does not take time and effort to process. Our company, which is also working on environmental issues, uses "vegetable tannin tanning" that is gentle on the environment and people who own it, and is characterized by "natural materials" that return to nature.

Commitment to making

Simple and reliable MADE IN JAPAN with cultivated craftsmanship. Skilled craftsmen, mainly in downtown Tokyo, make each item with all their heart. We are particular about pricing that is easy for everyone to pick up and the lightness of materials, and in terms of functionality, we have pockets for PET bottles and umbrellas in the interior of almost all of our products. We are confident in our high quality and reliable technology.

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