Covered shoulder [STITCH series]

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[Stitch series] Cover shoulder

Our store sales No. 2. A popular product that is safe and stylish with a cover type (with a zipper inside). Holds A4 files, large magazines, and books. The secret to its popularity is its simple design and large capacity.

・・・Stitch series・・・
Responding to users who act powerfully, it is a gem that deepens the natural taste of No. 10 canvas as it is used. As you use it, the vintage feeling will stand out, and you will have an original texture that is unique to you.
The stitches are spun with natural sewing thread and have a gentle impact, creating a sense of fashion. Comes with a convenient multi-purpose pouch with drawstring.

☆☆☆ Our store sales No. 2 ☆☆☆
A popular item that is safe and stylish with a cover type (with a zipper inside). Comes with an outer pocket that makes it easy to put in and take out your smartphone and other items without turning over the cover.
It can store A4 files, large magazines and books, and although it looks small, it has a large storage capacity, which is the secret to its popularity. unisex.

■ Material
No. 10 canvas fabric (paraffin waterproofing makes it water repellent and durable)
Cowhide (vegetable tanned, natural tanned)
■ Product number aw01904
Color development Navy / Khaki / Light brown / Gray / Kinari All 5 colors
■ Size Width 31 cm Height 28 cm Depth 9 cm
Weight 470g
■ Price 12,100 yen

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