Vertical shoulder [GRANGE series]

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[GRANGE series] Vertical shoulder

Compact but plenty of storage using 64 cloth material that fits softly.

The material "64 cloth" used for outdoor items has excellent durability and lightness. It also boasts a strong durability that does not show deterioration even if it is used for a long time. The smooth feel that fits in your hand is one of the features that many repeat customers. It is a popular product with a cool vintage feel that took time and effort.

・・・Grunge series・・・
The cotton nylon 64 cloth, which has a unique texture, has outstanding durability and water repellency.
A series that is attractive for its well-used vintage feel and lightness and feel like air.
Once you use it, you will want it again
Made in Japan, it is finished by skilled craftsmen.
In addition to high-quality materials collected from all over the world, it is also waterproof and water-repellent so that you can use it for a long time.

vertical shoulder

■ Material
Cotton nylon (64 cloth) 60% cotton, 40% nylon
Cowhide (thick Hokkaido vegetable tanned oil-tanned leather, washer processing)
*Excellent water repellency and durability

■ Product number aw00806
Color development Black / navy / khaki / beige All 4 colors
■ Size Width 23 cm Height 26 cm Depth 10 cm
■ Price 13,750 yen

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